Em Hollow is a twenty-three year-old singer/songwriter from New York City. Born into a very musical family, Em was raised by a mother who played the drums and a father who preached the Blues. Growing up, Em was an avid dancer and musician, but as years passed she developed a desire to create work of her own. At the age of fourteen, she began vocal lessons at a small-town performance studio. She was passionate about writing, and loved the process of turning words into poems and poems into lyrics. By the time she graduated high school, she had developed four fully curated songs. 

While spending some time in her hometown, Em ended up collaborating with a few old friends, one being Oshane Kirlew, the co-Founder of Paradice Records, creating what is now being released as her debut single “Move On.” Em moved across the country to Los Angeles to pursue her music career full force. "Move On" is the first of many for Em Hollow and we’re eager to see what’s in store for her.