Live With Shacar

Written by: Matthew Harron

Upcoming R&B artist Shacar is able to expand on his experiences, inspirations, and motives as a performer in his latest short documentary entitled “Live With Shacar” where we are placed in his point of view as he prepares for his electrified performance later that night in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Various aspects can be identified about Shacar, but one is clear: this transcendent artist has only room to expand. His depth as an artist is strengthened by his spiritual outlook on music, influencing his passion to create generational change though his aesthetic.

As we dive into the thoughts of Shacar, the elegant landscape which surrounds him only radiates his self-taught figure. “I am focused. I still follow the footsteps I taught myself.” His independence reminds himself of the path he has traveled to end up where he is now—since the age of six Shacar has been diligently working as a performer. The trials and tribulations that he has experienced have built upon his persistence as an artist. While seen as a younger artist, his thought process is mature. Shacar’s everlasting goal to influence change is inspiring, “I want people to listen to the words. I want people to go beyond their natural state. Now I can speak my message if you are willing to listen.”

As the documentary comes to a close, we are able to note Shacar’s performance quality. The sweat that drips down his face reflects the burning desire to grow as an artist. His stage presence rectifies what most artist lack: passion, creativity, and solidarity. More than ever, Shacar is pushing the boundaries that engulf our culture—his words will guide your thoughts and support change within yourself.

Most recently, Shacar has been working on a single with Los Angeles producer, Kingdom. Shacar, and other talented artist, will be featured on Kingdom's debut album Tears in the Club- set to release on Feb.24. To read more about Shacar’s single click the link below.