Kendrick Lamar grooves with Rick Rubin

 Written By: Matthew Harron

Written By: Matthew Harron

In a recent interview with Kendrick Lamar and Rick Rubin, the two discuss Lamar's relation to jazz music.

Lamar's and Rubin's personalities complement one another in this interactive interview—the conversation between the two is smooth and intriguing. Rubin highlights and reveals Lamar's passion to the sound and creativity jazz music offers.

I recommend watching the full video, but this is the clip that magnifies Lamar's relation to the sound of jazz.

I find what Lamar says about liking Jazz before he knew what it was very interesting. He finds the sound, the dissonance, in particular, to his liking. These sounds can be heard most profoundly on his latest album, To Pimp a Butterfly.

The type of sound was noticed by Terrance Martin, Lamar's saxophone player. Lamar was deciding on the instrumentation used and how the rhythms flowed from player-to-player when Martin pointed out the Jazz influence.  The chord structure complimented those of Jazz music.

Some of the most influential Jazz artists for Lamar were Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock.


Lamar also took interest in the work of Prince; Lamar's father introduced Prince to Lamar when he was a child—his father lived and breathed Princes' music. Lamar speaks about how influential Prince was to his career. His range of voice inspired Kendrick to alter his voice and make it more apparent in his music.

Hopefully what we can gain from Lamar's next album is a soul feel. It is clear that Lamar's vibe towards music is being influenced by the greats of past generations.


Live With Shacar

Written by: Matthew Harron

Upcoming R&B artist Shacar is able to expand on his experiences, inspirations, and motives as a performer in his latest short documentary entitled “Live With Shacar” where we are placed in his point of view as he prepares for his electrified performance later that night in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Various aspects can be identified about Shacar, but one is clear: this transcendent artist has only room to expand. His depth as an artist is strengthened by his spiritual outlook on music, influencing his passion to create generational change though his aesthetic.

As we dive into the thoughts of Shacar, the elegant landscape which surrounds him only radiates his self-taught figure. “I am focused. I still follow the footsteps I taught myself.” His independence reminds himself of the path he has traveled to end up where he is now—since the age of six Shacar has been diligently working as a performer. The trials and tribulations that he has experienced have built upon his persistence as an artist. While seen as a younger artist, his thought process is mature. Shacar’s everlasting goal to influence change is inspiring, “I want people to listen to the words. I want people to go beyond their natural state. Now I can speak my message if you are willing to listen.”

As the documentary comes to a close, we are able to note Shacar’s performance quality. The sweat that drips down his face reflects the burning desire to grow as an artist. His stage presence rectifies what most artist lack: passion, creativity, and solidarity. More than ever, Shacar is pushing the boundaries that engulf our culture—his words will guide your thoughts and support change within yourself.

Most recently, Shacar has been working on a single with Los Angeles producer, Kingdom. Shacar, and other talented artist, will be featured on Kingdom's debut album Tears in the Club- set to release on Feb.24. To read more about Shacar’s single click the link below.


Paradice welcomes Dave Morris

 Dave Morris

Dave Morris

Dave Morris is a twenty-year-old aspiring singer/songwriter from Boston, Massachusetts who was raised in Southern California from an early age. Morris followed in his forefathers’ shared interest, music; he began singing since he was just a kid and after his father taught him how to play the guitar, his songwriting started developing to what it is today. After high school, Dave ventured further down the California coast to study Business Entrepreneurship and Music at Point Loma Nazarene University where he could focus on his craft. Morris, while busking the streets in Europe, came into contact with Oshane Kirlew, one of Paradice Records’ founders, and from there talk of backing Morris’ pursuit became more and more of a reality.

At the tail-end of summer 2015, he released a four song EP entitled “Echo My Love” where each song chronologically explains his experience inside love’s definition: 1) Nice to Meet You - light-hearted beginnings, 2) Pause - all about the idea of taking a break in a relationship, 3) Echo My Love - a song asking for the reciprocation of feelings, 4) Strangers - the two are now strangers as they were before they met. With the help of Paradice Records, Dave Morris will become a more recognizable name as his music is infiltrated through the connections and resources available in and around this independent record label. Dave Morris’ genre could be described as an R&B/Soul feel with underlying indie electronic beats and rhythms.

2DOPEBOYZ [Premiere] Shacar - Chapter Two: Absent Hotel. NYC, 9PM (EP)


"First sliding into the frames of the DopeHouse's front pages last week with the neo-soul sounds of "Ghost" with Santos, rising R&B star Shacar liberates his 5-track EP, Chapter Two: Absent Hotel. NYC, 9PM.

Chapter Two is an earnest glimpse into issues we can all relate to, because, humans: "Loss, heartbreak, selfishness, ambition, faith" and combined with the boardwork of Ollie Beats, SAVON, Kxngs and more, the project gives a natural apperception into these matters without trying hard.

While "Selfish" features all the great attributes and idiosyncrasies that are requisites for modern day R&B, "Holy Hell" allows the New Yorker-by-way-of-Florida to flex his rap superhero persona. "Far Away" is a poignant, yet bouncy song created to inspire listeners to reach for those dreams, no matter how out of reach they may seem, while the closing cut, "Unity" — complete with a sample flip of Queen Latifah's 1993 hit single, a few light shades of jazz and even a little Big K.R.I.T. — is a slow rider which, with everything that has been unfolding this month, is more relevant than ever."

Twitter: @2DOPEBOYZ

Chapter 2: I'm Back & Better

First show of the New Year at Freddy's Bar in the Big Apple  ‪on Febuary 19th‬, Shacar is back, working and building on his stamina, his story-telling and adding more elements to his music and performances. "Before anything I've always been a performer, you know? So now this is my year. I'm ready to vibrate with my audience. I'm ready to start giving the performances I've dreamed about. I'm ready to start levitating haha." Shacar has been laying low, adding to his craf what he knows about music to make it better for his audience and fans. "Song structure, keeping my lyrics intricate yet simple, having more vocal dynamics. I don't want to just write something that is rushed or on someone else's time. I want to improve my story-telling and what I'm actually trying to express." Releasing a brand new Ep in February, "Chapter Two: Absent Hotel NYC, 9pm", it follows up "Chapter One: Screaming Without A Voice" which was the installment.  Expect great work from great producers and maybe even some collabs?



Written By: Eric Lopez

Shacar's Humble Beginning

Andre Smith better known as Shacar, signed to Paradice Records in the summer of 2014 and since then has dropped a number of tracks (which can be streamed and downloaded on soundcloud.) Earlier this summer he released his 4 track Ep album "Screaming Without A Voice." Shacar was Born in Clearwater Florida but calls St. Petersburg his home. Shacar believes his music is the representation of love. " It will unite, empower and be a path for a lot of individuals who wants to reach their high-self yet may not have that exposure. I'm bringing a purity of love to the industry." Growing up, Shacar listened mainly to Motown records artists, such as The Temptations, Frankie Lymon, Michael Jackson, etc. People around him often said he had an "old soul" and many believed it had to do with the soulful music he grew up listening to. "Honest expressions, experiences and relief from my own journey. I'm not here to sugar-coat or to create fallacy. I'm here to give people something to feel better about, feel wiser, and feel stronger." Just to name a few artist who Shacarlistens to on a regular are Lauryn Hill, Frank Ocean, Amy Winehouse, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Willow & Jaden Smith,  and Joey Bada$$. "I'm into our youth right now and what we're in the process of building"- Shacar. Within the next few months, expect to hear more music, more videos and blog posts about Shacar and his musical growth in the industry. Stay Tuned!!!

(You may check out more on Shacar and his music on

Written By: Eric Lopez